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Knots, Bends, Hitches, and Systems

Instructors are Creager, Kaufman, Endo, Hammack, Cowan, Bush.

Students will be familiarized with the knots, bends, hitches, and systems they will be learning in future trainings. The goal is for students to identify what they need to know, where they currently are, and what tools are needed to make progress.

Students will gain experience with:

  • Common rope work. Figure 8, figure 8 follow through, Frost Knot, bowline, long tail bowline, double stopper, clove hitch, Ashley bend, tension-less friction hitch, double fisherman’s, and water knot.

  • Descent control using ATC, Munter, and super Munter.

  • Progress capture using Prusik and VT Prusik.

  • Mechanical advantage systems that are simple, compound, and complex.

For students, please arrive with:

  • Your 8mm cordelette.

  • Your harness.

  • An ATC (Guide).

  • A ~5 foot section of 6mm-8mm that you can use for practicing knots, bends, and hitches.

Special Note to Candidates:

Rigging, knots, and raising/lowering systems are complex topics. We cannot spend as much time or make the number of repetitions necessary to truly master this topic. In order to attain the proficiency necessary to successfully execute the technical rescue test, and even more importantly, to safely and efficiently rig these systems during operations, you will need to do some practice in addition to the trainings. This is especially relevant after Knots, Bends, Hitches, and Systems as most of the info presented here is used extensively in successive trainings.

Organizing small study groups one or two evenings a week to practice is a good method, but even making meaningful repetitions by yourself will help immensely. Feel free to call the Training Officer or any other Board or Rescue Member if you feel you need additional help with this important segment of your training. If you need to borrow gear from the rescue vehicles (for practice only), please make arrangements with John Bush, Equipment Officer.

Required for advancement to Rescue Member.

Earlier Event: May 11
Tracking Training