Our team is always looking for committed, talented, and driven people to join us. If you love the mountains and want to help others, we'd love to meet you. We have a yearly recruitment cycle:

  • January/February: announcements of our open house, spring training calendar, and applications are made available.
  • March: our open house, applications due, law enforcement background checks performed, and interviews conducted.
  • April/May/June: the heaviest period of training for new candidates, plan on training for most Saturdays, some Sundays, and most Wednesday nights. A first year candidate should expect roughly 100 hours of training. The bulk of our rescues are during the summer and our goal is to have new candidates field ready by that time. 

Joining our team requires a significant time commitment and once field ready you'll be expected to maintain a high degree of readiness. 

With your training and functioning as a part of the team, you can expect to make a large difference in the lives of others. As such, we hold ourselves and each other to a very high standard.