September 14, 2017, 18-516, #29

A call was initiated at 1017 on September 14. 2018 for a 63 year-old female backpacker from Arizona, who was complaining of back spasms. She was on the Pacific Crest Trail west of Waugh Lake (now dry). A team of five members was dispatched to the Rush Creek parking lot to wait for further instructions. CHP H40 was dispatched and located the subject. They were able to land and hiked a mile to the subject. After assisting the subject to the helicopter, they flew her to the Mammoth Lakes airport, where the she was transported by Mono County Paramedics. to Mammoth Hospital for treatment. Responders were: Pelichowski (IC), Kaufman, Torrence, Patterson, Buchanan, and Creager. The Team volunteered 16 man hours for this call.