August 1, 2018, 18-413, #18

A call out was sent at 1219, on August 1, 2018, for a 65 year old female from Granite Bay, CA who was experiencing AMS symptoms, including blue lips, headache, vomiting, lethargy, and tender/swollen abdomen near Big McGee Lake.  The subject had difficulty standing and/or walking. 


Subject was reported to be camping on the north shore of Big McGee Lake; RP was the subject's daughter. Base was established at McGee Creek Road. & Crowley Lake Road.  R3 was parked at the McGee Creek trailhead to act as a communication relay. Three teams, consisting of 7 members, were dispatched to Big McGee Lake. 

H40 was requested to assist.  After H40 located the subject, they went to base to drop off some equipment in order to reduce weight. After the team members reached the subject, they prepared her for transport to the LZ, about 1/2 mile away. 


The subject was littered to the LZ where she was placed in the helo and transported to the Mammoth airport. From there she was transported by ambulance, to Mammoth Hospital. After the Team members arrived back at the trailhead, a de-briefing was held and the call ended at 2230. 

Responders were:  Greene (Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Bush, Patterson, Kaufman, Guffey, Haugh, Wallace, Buchanan, and Torrence.  The Team volunteered 112 man hours for this call.