August 11, 2018, 18-437, #22

The Team was called at 1154 to search for a missing 48 year-old male backpacker who was ten days overdue.  The backpacker took out a wilderness permit for a backpacking trip to begin on July 25, and exiting on August 1.  He planned to backpack from Robinson Creek to Crown Lake, Matterhorn Canyon, Smedberg Lake, Seavey Pass and Peeler Lake.  He was last seen at the Bridgeport Ranger Station. 

On August 11 his father reported him overdue.  Eight SAR members responded to the call and responded to the Sheriff’s office in Bridgeport, where base was established. Two members were dispatched to the trailhead at the Mono Village Resort Campground to interview people exiting the trailhead and to post some missing person posters. 

A Sheriff deputy and a SAR member drove to the campground to investigate the subject’s vehicle. The car was unlocked and inside they found the subject’s wallet, cell phone, cash, keys and a journal/diary.  Additional calls were made to the subject’s parents to gather further information about the subject. At 1740 two YOSAR teams began hiking the same route the subject put on his wilderness permit. 

Responders on August 11 were:  Greene (Ops), Hansen (IC), Kaufman, Frolio, Bush, Wallace, Buchanan, Case, and Torrence.  The Team volunteered 77 man hours on this day.