July 1, 2018, 18-338, #10

Two 30+ year-old male climbers from San Jose, CA were reported missing while climbing Matterhorn Peak.   The RP had been climbing with the subjects but decided not to summit, and waited for them.  When the subjects failed to show up, RP hiked out and called for assistance.  Base was established at Mono Village at upper Twin Lakes. 

Seventeen members responded.  Four field teams were dispatched to locate the missing climbers.  CHP helicopter H40 also responded and located the climbers.  They were not injured but the flight medic felt it was best to extract the pair and flew them down to Mono Village. 

Responders were:  Beck (Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Luke Hammack, Wallace, Buchanan, French, Bush, Zila, Hennes, Haugh, Hagan, Torrence, Quiring, Hartstrom, Cowan, Greene, Kaufman, and Patterson.  The Team volunteered 170 man hours for this call.