July 18, 2018. 18-377. #14

The Team was called out at 1615 for a missing 72 year-old male from San Diego who was hiking near Patricia Lake/Peak area. The subject and his companion (the RP) stopped for a while and then continued hiking. The companion realized he left his GoPro where they stopped, so he hiked back a short distance to retrieve his GoPro. When he returned to where he left his companion (the subject), the subject was gone.

The companion searched for a while and then returned to where their car was parked.  Car was still there. He went back to look for the subject but couldn't find him. The companion called for assistance.  The SAR team arrived at the Hilton Lakes trailhead and sent a team of four members up the trailhead.  A few minutes later, Base received a call from the ICs that they had located the subject driving his car.  They interviewed the subject, who had walked out on his own while the field teams were being briefed.  They drove him to his campsite to be reunited with his companion. 

Responders were:  Beck (Ops), Pelichowski & Hansen (IC), Hennes, Gilbreath, Kaufman, Torrence, Eimen, Quiring, and Wallace.  The Team volunteered 29 man hours for this call.