July 26, 2018, 18-396, #16

A family of four from Santa Maria, CA, hiked up to Heart Lake from the parking lot at Coldwater campground.  After they had lunch, the 60 year old subject felt unsteady with an irregular heart rate and that he would not be able to walk out.  His son walked out and found someone with a cell phone who called 911 for assistance. 

When the SAR Team arrived at the trailhead, the subject and his family were there.  The subject was able to walk out unassisted after resting and drinking water. 

Responders were: Beck (Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Buchanan, Bush, Haugh, Kaufman, Cowan, Hennes, Dunne, Wallace, and Cucura.  The Team volunteered 22 man hours for this call.