July 3, 2018, 18-344, #12

A 37 year old male climber from San Francisco was injured (possible broken ribs) while climbing on 3rd pillar of Mt. Dana with a companion (RP). The RP had cell service and called for assistance. Base was established at the Lee Vining Airport and H-40 was requested. 

Team member Hagan, who happened to be on Mt. Dana, reported to base that he was within 900 meters of the subject.  He climbed to the top of the 3rd Pillar, where he was able to make contact with the subject, who was 100- 150 feet from the summit, and provided updates throughout the incident.  Yosemite's Helicopter 551 took over the airspace and over-flight assessment. 

They picked up YOSAR personnel at Gaylor Pit and flew to the Mt. Dana summit.  They extracted the subject and companion and flew them to the Lee Vining Airport where they were met by Mono County paramedics, who drove them to Mammoth Hospital. 

Responders were: Beck(Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Kaufman, Haugh, Dunne, Torrence, Greene, Rae, Wallace, Quiring, Buchanan, Unsworth, Endo, Creager, Hartstrom, Cowan, and Hagan.  The Team volunteered 119 man hours for this call.