May 30 & 31, 2018, 18-265, #6

At 2115 on the night of May 30, the Team was called out to search for a missing 76 year old man who had hiked over Mammoth Pass to fish in the San Joaquin river, but had not returned to his car at Horseshoe Lake. 

He left his companions in the afternoon, intending to hike back to Horseshoe Lake alone.  His companions called 911 after failing to find him.  Ten Team members responded, and sent field teams to search and track over Mammoth Pass to McLeod Lake and on down to Crater Meadows.  The subject was located at a campsite (37.58525, -119.04841) near Crater Meadows, where he was aided by Pacific Crest Trail hikers.  The SAR team escorted him back to his car, arriving at 0315. 

Responders were:  Beck (Ops), Reigle (IC), Hagan, Torrence, Kaufman, Wallace, Patterson, Hennes, Eimen, Endo, and Brodbeck.  The Team volunteered 82 man hours on this call.