January 12, 2019 19-017, #1

On January 13, 2019, a snowboarder was reported as overdue near closing time at MMSA. Ski Patrol was in the process of an active search, both inbounds and out. The subject was reported to be of low skill level and experience, and was riding with friends off of Chair 23 via Roadrunner. The subject’s friends reported him missing when the group became separated.

After sundown, the Sheriff’s Office was notified, and the Team was requested to assist. As the Team arrived on scene at MMSA Main Lodge, the respondents were put on temporary standby as Ski Patrol was concluding their search.

Shortly thereafter, Ski Patrol initiated voice contact with the subject, and then visually located the subject. The Team was released, and Ski Patrol returned the subject to Main Lodge, cold but uninjured.

IC Pelichowsky, Ops Hammack, L Responders: Bush, Kaufman, Quiring, Rea, Beck, Wallace, Patterson, Cucura, Creager, Buchanan, Dunne, and Hagan.