November 12-14, 2018, 18-616 #35

The Team responded in Mutual Aid to Butte County to search for human remains in the Camp Fire devastation.  Protective gear for eyes, breathing, and clothing was required  The Team arrived at midnight and slept in a classroom on the floor.  The first day's assignment was to search through missing person's properties that were reduced to ashes, looking for any sign of human remains with the assistance of an anthropologist.  The next two nights they slept on cots in a high school gymnasium with 200 of their closest friends.  The next day they were assigned a large area to check inside every car, again looking for human remains; marking every car searched.  While in Paradise they had on full protective gear and completed the National Guard's decontamination process.  Responders were:  Pelichowski, Greene, Kaufman, Buchanan, and Quiring.  The Team volunteered 172 man hours for this call.  412 POV miles.