October 21, 2018 18-584 #32

The Team was called at 5 PM to locate and rescue a 21 year old male from San Jose, CA who had severe symptoms of altitude sickness.  The location was given as 1-1/2 miles above Barney Lake out of the Mono Village trailhead.  The Team hiked in approximately 5 miles with the RP, and arrived in two hours.  It was dark from start to finish for the entire incident.  The subject was hypothermic, disoriented, shivering, and in pain. His spo2 was 62%, with rapid breathing and weak radial pulse.  He could not walk.  After an hour of oxygen, his condition improved enough that a 4 hour carryout was started, arriving at the trailhead at 0210, where Mono County Paramedic 7 transported him to Carson Valley Medical Center in Gardnerville.  No helicopter service was available.  Responders were:  Hansen (IC), Buchanan, Kaufman, Hagan, Hartstrom, and Patterson.  The Team volunteered 62 man hours for this call.