March 23, 2019 19-113 #8

In the late afternoon of March 23, 2019, the Team received a report of a snowmobile accident near the summit of Bald Mountain. It was reported that the subject had a very serious ankle injury. The Team responded to Deadman Summit, and a field team of 8 rescuers and 7 snomos departed rescue base.

The Reporting Party was located, and he led the responders to the subject, who was nearby. The subject had a severely broken ankle/leg, with an open fracture and significant blood loss. The subject was packaged and transported via Rescueboggan to rescue base, where he was delivered to Mono County medics. The medics transported the subject to Mammoth Hospital for treatment.

IC Pelichowsky, Ops Leader Beck. Responders: Wallace, Patterson, Rea, Kaufman, Bush, Hammack, L, Carlson, Quiring, Fernandez