June 24, 2019 19-264 #15

On Monday, June 24 at 9:39 pm, the Team was called for a 17 year-old male fisherman reporting himself lost in the vicinity of Starkweather Lake. The Sheriff’s Office was able to get a good location from the subject’s mobile phone.

The Reds Meadow road was cleared, but not yet open, so the field team assigned to locate the subject was able to access the area via the paved road. The location coordinates indicated that the subject was approximately 600 yards from the road.

There were several creek crossings along the way, and the crossings were hazardous due to cold, swift water from the peak of the spring runoff season. The subject was located and escorted back to the rescue vehicle, and Mono County deputy provided transport to the subject.

IC: Pelichowsky. Ops Leader: Beck. Responders: Wallace, Bush.