July 6, 2019 19-292 #17

On Saturday, July 6 at 1520, The Team was called for a reported 44 year-old female hiker with a fractured ankle near McLeod Lake. The Team responded to the trailhead at Horseshoe Lake, and a field team of 4 SAR members left the trailhead in search of the subject.

A group of hikers interviewed on the hike in stated that they had seen a woman with an ankle injury carried out in the direction of the trailhead.

It was then determined that the subject had been rescued by an unknown group of persons, and was at Mammoth Hospital for treatment. The field teams returned to base, and the operation was terminated at 1627.

IC: Minder. Ops Leader: Wallace. Responders: Buchanan, Thompson, Guffey, Quiring, Torrence.