September 11, 2019 #42

On Wednesday, September 11, at 2 am, the Team was requested to assist in the search for an 88-year-old male subject with dementia, last seen at a condominium in the Snowcreek I/II/III development. Mammoth Lakes Police Department was coordinating the search, and mixed field teams of officers and SAR team members searched the area.

Upon inquiry, Mammoth Hospital stated that a person matching the description of the subject had been delivered to the hospital, but he had since left. The focus of the search was moved to Mammoth Hospital, and the subject was located soon thereafter sitting in an unlocked vehicle in the Mammoth Hospital parking lot. This operation concluded at 4:19 am.

IC: MLPD. Ops Leader: Beck. Responders: Creager, Kaufman, Knight, Evans, Buchanan, Hartstrom, Patterson