September 9, 2019 #41

On Monday, September 9 at approximately 9:45 am, the Team was advised of a male climber with a lower leg injury at the base of the Incredible Hulk in Little Slide Canyon. Rescue Base was staged at Mono Village, and field teams were dispatched from this location. CHP H40 was requested due to the difficulty of litter carry-outs in Litlle Slide Canyon, particularly in the absence of snow cover.

CHP H40 arrived at the accident locations ahead of the field teams, and was able to extract the subject and fly him to Bridgeport Metropolitan Airport, where the subject care was transferred to Mono County medics. The operation was terminated at 2:19 pm.

IC: Hansen. Ops Leader: Hammack/Buchanan. Responders: Evans, Kallemeyn, Leyen, Kaufman, Blackman