May 10, 2018, 18-239, #5

At 1500, the team was called out in aid of a local 29 year old mountain guide with a dislocated hip in the vicinity of Matterhorn Peak at 38.10710, -119.376091.  15 team members responded, and 4 field teams were sent in from the Twin Lakes trailhead. 

The subject was reported to be located below the snow level, but this turned out to be false information, so field teams were recalled to get ice axes and crampons for safe glacier travel.  Helicopter aid was requested, and a Blackhawk crew from LeMoore NAS was able to fly in the dark, and during a short break in the bad weather was able to extract the subject.  He was transferred to Medic 7 in Bridgeport, and taken to Mammoth Hospital for treatment. 

Responders were:  Hammack and Beck (Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Hartstrom, Kaufman, Wallace, Haugh, Quiring, Bush, Eimen, Beechan, Buchanan, Endo, Lyon, Creager, Case, and Kallemeyn..  The Team volunteered 120 man hours on this call.

March 3, 2018, 18-92 #4

At 1655, immediately following the finish of the avalanche probing call on Mammoth Mountain, the Team was assigned to respond in aid of two snowboarders and one skier who had called 911 and requested assistance because they were in very deep snow and didn't know where they were located. 

They had started at Lake Mary, intending to finish in Old Mammoth but got into deep snow where the snowboarders had difficulty continuing and were stranded at 37.627, -118.999 near the Valentine Reserve.  Thirteen Team members responded for 2-1/2 hours with two rescue trucks and two snowmobiles, located the subjects and provided snowshoes for the snowboarders.  They were escorted out where they were met by Mono County Paramedics, and refused medical care. 

Responders were: Barnum (Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Torrence, Buchanan, Carole Schilz, Brad Schilz, Kaufman, Bucklin, Cowan, Woods, Tonseth, Case, French, and Bush.  33 Team man hours.

March 3, 2018, 18-91, #3

On Saturday morning March 3 at approximately 1015, Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol was performing routine avalanche mitigation work in a closed area when a large avalanche released on the Climax ski run, and traveled down Upper Dry Creek and terminated at the bottom lift terminal of High Five Express [Chair 5]. 

The powder cloud from the avalanche extended about 100 meters into an area open to the public, where two guests were partially buried. Both were able to immediately free themselves without serious injury.  Additionally, employees working at the bottom of the closed lift were partially caught, but freed themselves quickly. Ski Patrol was on scene with initial rescue efforts within moments, and search operations began immediately.

Ski Patrol led a six-hour search, which included 200 employees and first responders, including the Mono County Sheriff SAR Team that was called out at 1030.  Fifteen Team members responded to probe and beacon-scan the avalanche debris in search of any buried victims.  None were found and the Mountain returned to normal operations the next day. 

Responders:  Beck (Ops), Pelichowsky (IC), Hansen (IC), Carole Schilz, Kaufman, Buchanan, Brad Schilz, Bush, Traxler, Barnum, Vianzon, Woods, Cucura, Cowan, Case, Kallemeyn, Tonseth, and Bucklin.  The Team volunteered 130 man hours for this call. 

January 1, 2018, 18-3, #1

At 12:15 PM the Mono County Sheriff’s Office Search and Rescue (SAR) Team was called out for rescue of an injured ice climber.  A 64 year old Mono County man fell about 40 feet while climbing ice at Chouinard Falls in Lee Vining Canyon (37.94113, -119.22550). 

Five SAR team members hiked down from the green bridge on the Hwy 120 Tioga Pass road, while two more were lowered from CHP helicopter H40.  The subject was placed in a litter and carried to a location where a helicopter hoist was done by CHP helicopter H40.  He was transferred to Care Flight at Lee Vining airport, and flown to Reno for treatment. 

Responders were:  Beck (Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Kaufman, Bush, Guffey, Greene, Creager, Thompson, Torrence, and Traxler.  The Team volunteered 56 man hours for this call.