March 3, 2018, 18-92 #4

At 1655, immediately following the finish of the avalanche probing call on Mammoth Mountain, the Team was assigned to respond in aid of two snowboarders and one skier who had called 911 and requested assistance because they were in very deep snow and didn't know where they were located. 

They had started at Lake Mary, intending to finish in Old Mammoth but got into deep snow where the snowboarders had difficulty continuing and were stranded at 37.627, -118.999 near the Valentine Reserve.  Thirteen Team members responded for 2-1/2 hours with two rescue trucks and two snowmobiles, located the subjects and provided snowshoes for the snowboarders.  They were escorted out where they were met by Mono County Paramedics, and refused medical care. 

Responders were: Barnum (Ops), Pelichowski (IC), Torrence, Buchanan, Carole Schilz, Brad Schilz, Kaufman, Bucklin, Cowan, Woods, Tonseth, Case, French, and Bush.  33 Team man hours.